"The Pearl"

  Once upon a time Surfin Santa was on vacation in the islands. He was asked to come to dinner by King Neptune himself. Surfin Santa and the King (that's what all his friends called him) had been friends for eons. They had an awesome dinner. Pearl, the King's wife, made everyone's favorite dish. Later that evening, after a few Santacoladas (Santacoladas - like a Pina Colada, except it has a candy cane stuck in it) the King bet Surfin Santa he couldn't balance three coconuts vertically in front of him for two minutes. As hard as Surfin Santa tried, he just couldn't keep those coconuts stacked three high. So, he said "Ok King, I give up, you win. What crazy thing would you have me do for losing the bet?".  The King said, "Let me think. My favorite jewel of the sea is the pearl, that's why I married one. By the way, she is your biggest fan. I think a piercing on your left ear with a pearl would do". So, that is why Surfin Santa has a pearl in his left ear.

Stories written by Surfin Santa

Surfin Santa

"Cowabunga" (the word - the meaning) 
I have a friend at work who greets me by saying "Cowabunga" each morning. After several months of this, he asked what it meant (he had heard it in an old surfing movie). So, out of fun, I wrote my interpretation of the word. And it goes as follows:  Many, many years ago, along a deserted coast, there was a nomadic tribe of surfers. They lived there by the sea. This place was perfect. There was bountiful resources, beautiful swells, and daring glassy tubes. Life was good, and they decided they would stay.  The wise elder of the tribe invited other surf tribes to visit them. Some surfers in these tribes were, let's say, selfish. I mean, they had to have every wave - very greedy! The wise elder assured them that there were plenty of waves for everyone. He decided that there needed to be a word to share among the surf tribes. This word was "Cowabunga". To translate for you, it goes like this:"Cowa" - meaning, "Be A Friend","Bunga" - meaning, "Give A Wave"."Cowabunga" means to share a wave with your brother or sister and the wonderful rhythm of our Mother Ocean.