Little St. Nick
My wife and daughter saw this car sitting in someone's backyard and told me about it. They thought it would be cool to fix up for my daughter to drive to school. After I saw this car, I knew it was the one I needed for Surfin Santa to drive in parades. This little car had been sitting there for too many years exposed to the elements. It was really in sad shape. I made the deal for the car, took it home, and in my spare time, it took two years to complete. You know Batman had his car, the Monkey's had their car, and the Munster's had cars. I took the car apart and rebuilt it the way I wanted it. All new parts and a ton of chrome. I had a custom paint job done on it (98' Dodge Viper red). I have already won some first place trophies at car shows.  As I was restoring the car I knew I had to come up with something to go on the sides of the car. Not that anyone could miss Santa driving a dune buggy, but I needed something else. During Christmas you hear people say "It's better to give than to receive". I took that old saying and kind of used it to suit my own needs. On the side of my car a sign says "Surfin Santa" and under that I put "Be A Friend Give A Wave". As I drive my car in parades people read this and start waving at me. It works! But, I want surfers to know there is a double meaning to this. The word "wave" is underlined with a surfboard. I would like to see more surfers share more waves with one another. "Be A Friend Give A Wave" means to share a wave with that young surfer just learning, or that elder surfer sitting there patiently waiting on his longboard.  I do hope that "Be A Friend Give A Wave" will catch on and make people think about sharing the endless moving, liquid energy of the sea.




 Summer is coming!

Surfin Santa



Dear friend,  In anticipation of the new spring and summer season coming up, I want to introduce myself. I am Surfin Santa. I hope you have heard of me. I've done lots of different activities on the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach. I do parades, car shows, fundraising, Special Olympics and other special functions. I stay pretty busy! This year I want to do more. I hope you will help me. My dune buggy is "Little St. Nick" and I show it under a white tent. My display is very unique. I play beach music cd's through my external speakers. I pass out my own beach and water safety pamphlets. These pamphlets have a brief statement about beach and water safety, and on the back it has a list of the United States Life Saving Association's top ten safety rules. Also, part of my display has two sand buckets with mints in them; most children have a hard time passing by them without grabbing some. I pose for pictures and sign autographs. Last summer I had a parent email me calling me the "Ambassador of beach fun and safety". I like this! Recently I developed a program called "The Fundamentals of Surfing". This is a class I teach using Rudy the red nosed surfboard in a rocking balanced cradle. I teach about surfing safety, basic surfing tips for beginners, surfing rules and etiquette. Upon completing the class, I have a certificate to give the student. There is going to be a charge for this class; it won't be much. 
I work a part-time day job, so most outings I do would need to be scheduled for a weekend. The biggest problem I have is rain. My car is a convertible and I do not show it in the rain, unless the car and I are inside or under a large enough shelter. 
I do hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my crusade. Please consider me for any special activities that you may have coming up this spring or summer. Also, please remember that I live in Richmond, Virginia and are limited to traveling long distances. Thank you for your time.  Be a friend give a wave.